About My Labor Matters

My Labor Matters – Ang Aking Trabaho, Mahalaga.

My Labor Matters communicates researches, news, and articles featuring relevant and emerging issues on labor. The platform aims to reach Filipino migrant workers, to empower them with information and resources that would help them make better decisions and informed choices.

The voice of every worker matters.

Through our website and social media, we share stories and narratives of Filipino migrant workers in different migration corridors, documenting their experiences working abroad. We began our work in 2015, featuring the Philippines - Japan labor migration corridor. This year, with the generous support of the Walmart Foundation, we are currently giving special focus to the Philippines - Taiwan corridor, and to the plight of Filipino migrant workers in the fishing industry.

My Labor Matters is managed by Verité Southeast Asia (VSEA), a labor rights, non-profit organization with a regional headquarters in the Philippines. VSEA aims to ensure that people worldwide, especially in the Southeast Asia region, work under safe, fair and legal conditions. 

The organization is part of the Verité Network, composed of partners from the USA, China, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America & Africa that work together to improve working conditions in global supply chains.



  • The Home page features our current work showcasing Filipino migrant fishing workers in Taiwan.
  • Our Resources tab offers helpful and practical information for workers and job seekers in navigating recruitment and understanding their rights as workers.
  • Our section on Frequently Asked Questions lets workers know more about what they need to prepare for when considering working abroad.
  • Our Report Concerns platform may be used for reporting grievances and concerns related to worker recruitment and/or working conditions.
  • Our section on Working Abroad shares valuable information for migrant workers in understanding the challenges in working abroad.

Quick links:

  • To know more about our work in the region, visit VSEA’s website at: www.verite-sea.org
  • Click here to know more about My Labor Matters’ work in the Philippines – Japan labor migration corridor.
  • Learn more about the Filipino Migrant Fishers in Taiwan.
  • Request access to our modules on Responsible Recruitment, Labor Rights, and Labor Protection.